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Light Bulb

How to look at paint in a material sense?
Which experience is there when you look at an abstract painting?
Building up the cut grid you can see which choice there is made how the graduation compares between, on the one hand, the vertical line and on the other hand, the horizontal line.
Sometimes monochrome or in a two or three-part in which the surface of the painting compositional in that partition separate in differences of light and dark.
The millimetre lines that randomly deviate from each other, tiny in size, determine how the painting is interrupted and thus in rhythmic movement is put in all its nuances.
The transience in my work is the gesture of the coarser broad brushstroke if a light beam in the vertical representation shows itself. Locating where this occurs is the area of the mixing of the paint. The white mixes there with the chosen colour.
Constructive in building but on expressionist way acted in the worker process where chance is going to play a role.
The physical lyrical acts show themselves in a grid that slowly reveals itself in the building in which the stratification of oil and/or acrylic paint finally and exuberant relief shows.
In that sense my paintings show that I am fascinated by the basics of painting. Line, rhythm, colour and form give me the space to use this exploit without anecdotes.
René van den Bos 2018